Feeling a little bit lazy these days ?

So with this famous French expression, you can either fall asleep (s’endormir) or rest (se reposer) on your laurels!

S’endormir & se reposer are reflexive verbs and are conjugated in the following way in the present tense:


S'endormirSe reposer
Je m'endorsJe me repose
Tu t'endorsTu te reposes
Il/elle/on s'endortIl/elle/on se repose
Nous nous endormonsNous nous reposons
Vous vous endormezVous vous reposez
Ils/elles s'endormentIls/elles se reposent

What does it mean ?

It means that you don’t have to work too hard anymore thanks to a first success … You can just rest and take it easy !

Here are a few situations in which you could use this expression

  1. You have been working really hard all year round but now it is time to rest and you say out loud:
  • J’ai assez travaillé donc maintenant, je peux me reposer sur mes lauriers!      
  • I have worked enough so now, I can rest on my laurels!

2.  You want to say to someone to keep working hard because success is not here yet!

  • Ne t’endors pas sur tes lauriers!
  • Don’t fall asleep on your laurels!


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