9 Common Expressions With “Pied” (foot) In French…

As you are probably aware by now, native French speakers use many idiomatic expressions in everyday situations…

Today, I have gathered 9 of them with the word “pied” (foot) that they often use in daily conversations.

So now you can easily say sentences like “I take my foot even if I sing or play like a foot  !!!”

Amusez-vous bien ! (Have fun!) 😉

ExpressionLiteral TranslationActual Meaning
PRENDRE SON PIED C'EST LE PIED !To take one's foot
It is the foot
To really enjoy oneself
To have a great pleasure
TROUVER CHAUSSURE À SON PIEDTo find shoe to ones footTo find a perfect match
PERDRE PIEDTo lose footTo lose one's footing
AVOIR PIEDTo have footTo be able to touch the bottom of a swimming pool for instance , then you can say "J'ai pied" !
FAIRE QUELQUE CHOSE COMME UN PIEDTo do something as a footTo do something very badly
Ex : Tu chantes comme un pied : You sing as a foot = to sing very badly
SE FAIRE/ SE LAISSER MARCHER SUR LES PIEDSTo get walked on feetTo be messed about
SE LEVER DU PIED GAUCHETo get up from the left footTo be in a bad mood
METTRE LES PIEDS DANS LE PLATTo put the feet in the dishTo put one's foot in it
TIRER UNE ăPINE DU PIEDTo pull a thorn from the footTo pull someone's bacon out of the fire

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