10 Common Phrases We Use With “Coup” (shot)

If I want to sum it up in three words, “un coup” is usually referred to something sudden, violent, quick but can be translated into various words in English such as  shot, hit, blow, knock, punch, stroke, but also “coup” when used in specific contexts.

I’ve just selected a few phrases (Because there are many more…)  that we quite often used in our daily life and that you’ll be able to use as well with your French friends.

Remember that they are often used to express something sudden, temporary and quick!

Amusez-vous bien! (Have fun!)

PhraseLiteral TranslationActual Meaning
Passer (quelque part) en coup de ventTo pass (somewhere) in a wind gustTo pass by / to go somewhere quickly
Passer un coup de fil
(ˆà quelqu'un)
To pass a line hit
(to someone)
To give someone a call (usually quickly)
Passer un coup de balaiTo pass a hit of broomTo sweep out the floor (quickly as well)
Avoir un coup de Coeur (pour quelqu'un/quelquechose)To have a hit of heartTo have a crush on something/someone (it's usually sudden)
Avoir un coup de barre / un coup de pompeTo have a hit of bar/pumpTo feel tired all of a sudden
Avoir / attraper un coup de soleilTo have/ to catch a hit of sunTo be sunstroke
Avoir un coup dans le nezTo have a shot/hit in the noseTo be a bit drunk
Avoir un coup de foudreTo have a bolt of lightningTo fall head over heels with someone (stronger than a crush)
Jeter un coup d'oeilTo throw a hit of an eyeTo have a quick look
Boire un coupTo drink a shotTo have a drink

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