10 Useful Phrases With “Aller” (To go)

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The French verb “aller” is one of the most common French verbs and literally means “to go”. Like in English the verb “to go” is used to express a near future action.

Example: I’m going to speak = Je vais parler

Its irregular form is not going to be difficult to remember.  We use it all the time in our daily life therefore you will learn its conjugation pretty fast! Here is the verb “aller” (to go) in the present tense. Listen to the audio and try to imitate my pronunciation.


Je vais  (I go/I’m going/I do go)

Tu vas (You go/you’re going/ You do go)

Il/elle/on va (he,she, we go/ is, are going /does, do go)

Nous allons (We go/are going/do go)

Vous allez (You go/ are going/do go)

Ils/elles vont (They go/are going/do go) 

The verb “Aller” is also used in many idiomatic expressions. I have selected 10 very useful phrases that you’ll be happy to use in your daily conversation 😉


PhraseLiteral TranslationMeaning
Je vais bien / malI go well/badI am well/ unwell
Tu vas àˆ piedYou go at footYou go by foot
Il va chercher ălodieHe goes to look for ElodieHe gets, he is getting Elodie/ he is picking up Elodie...
Elle va en voiture ˆ à l'universitéŽShe goes by car to universityShe drives to university
Allons-yLet's go thereLet's go
Allez-yGo thereGo ahead
Ils vont au fond des chosesThey go to the depth/end of thingsThey get to the bottom of things
Elles s'en vontThey go from ...They leave / go away
Le vin et le fromage vont bien ensembleWine and cheese go well togetherWine and cheese match well
‚ça te va bienThat goes to you wellThat suits you

Note: The phrase “s’en aller”, you have to conjugate the verb aller as a reflexive verb.


Ex: Je m‘en vais/ Tu t’en vas/ Il, elle, on s’en va / Nous nous en allons / Vous vous en allez/ ils, elles s’en vont.

If you want to say “Go away!” to someone you can say : Va t’en ! (to one person that you know well) or Allez-vous-en! (to one person you don’t really know or to more than one person)

And if you don’t know or don’t remember what is a reflexive verb, check out our Free Online course for beginners. We have a whole lesson on it  and many more on verbs…



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