20 Most Important French verbs You Must Know

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To be reasonably fluent in a foreign language, most experts say you need to understand around 8,000 words and be able to use about 2,000. This is why focusing on just the most common words in a language  is a common tactic for language learners. The 20 verbs listed below are among the most useful in French, and it is a good idea to know all of them. Of course, you also have to know how to conjugate them to be able to use them in a sentence!


You can now download the PDF of the 20 Most Important Common Verbs and Tenses in French

AllerTo go
AvoirTo have
ÊtreTo be
ParlerTo speak
FaireTo do/to make
MettreTo put
DireTo tell, to say
ArriverTo arrive
VenirTo come
PrendreTo take
PouvoirTo be able to
VouloirTo want
VoirTo see
ComprendreTo understand
DevoirTo have to
RegarderTo watch
FalloirTo be necessary
ŽÉcouterTo listen
SavoirTo know (how to do somethingÉ)
TrouverTo find


  1. Yusuf

    You have a sweet voice and the record is very clear, very good.

  2. Raymond Gregory Osmond

    I would like to download a list of important verbs and their conjugations. I don’t see how to download this from your website. Does it come to me as an email?

    1. admin

      It’s online online and you should be able to download the list !!!
      Sorry about that 🙂 Enjoy!

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