Ça (ne) fait pas long feu…

“Ça ne fait pas long feu” is a colloquial expression commonly used in French.

Literal Translation: That doesn’t make long fire

Actual Meaning : That doesn’t last long

French Synonyme: ça ne dure pas longtemps


Ex: A chaque fois que j’achète des chocolats, ça ne fait pas long feu!

Each time I buy chocolates, that doesn’t last long !


Ex: A chaque fois que j’achète des chocolats, ils ne font pas long feu!

Each time I buy chocolates, they don’t last long !


  •  You could replace “ça” (that) by another personal pronouns. Here, I could have replaced it by “ils” (they – masculine, plural) referring to “les chocolats” (chocolates). Make sure you change the form of the verb as well if you change the personal pronoun.
  • Remember that in spoken French,  informal French, we rarely use “ne” in the negative form. As long as you put the other part “pas, jamais, rien etc…” that’s okay . However, the “ne” in negative should always be written! I have recorded the same sentence as the first one “ça fait pas long feu”  but without “ne”.



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