1O Useful Phrases With “Tout”…

“Tout” means “All” and is used in many common expressions in French. I have decided to write a list of 10 very Useful Phrases with “tout”. You will see that sometimes it is not very easy to work out what they mean. I suggest you listen to the audio and try to repeat each phrase as often as you can.


Tout va bienAll is well
Tout àˆ faitCompletely, exactly
Tout de suiteImmediately
Tout d'un coupAll of a sudden
Tout àˆ l'heureIn a little while/ a short while ago
Tous les joursEvery day
Pas du toutNot at all
Tout le tempsAll the time
Tout le mondeEveryone
Pour tout direTo be honest


  1. Rachel

    Thanks for these, I’ve added them to my Brainscape app (It’s good, basically flashcards for your iPhone).
    I also added ‘toute la journée’ & ‘toujours’ which I confuse with ‘tous les jours’

    1. Françoise Giordano

      Great work Rachel! And yes, they are very useful indeed! A lot of people get confused with “toujours” & “tous les jours”…Practice them every day and you’ll be able to use them perfectly well very soon 😉

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