What is The Difference Between An/Année, Matin/Matinée etc…

The difference between “an” & “année” (Year)  is the same as “jour” & “journée” (Day), “matin” & “matinée”(morning) ,  “soir” & “soirée”(evening) ; In fact, it is just a question of considering time.

  1. “An” , “Jour”, “matin”, “Soir” 


  • are masculine words; You say un an/ un jour/un matin/ un soir 
  • indicate a simple amount of time
  • have a more general meaning

Ex: Je suis restée 3 jours à Paris

        I stayed 3 days in Paris 

Ex: Il a 20 ans

       He is 20 years old

2. “Année”, “journée”, “matinée”, “soirée” 


  • are feminine words; You say  une année/une journée/une matinée/une soirée
  • indicate a duration of time
  • are usually stressing the actual length of time

Ex: J’ai travaillé toute la journée

       I have worked all day long

Ex: Passons la soirée tous les deux!

       Let’s spend the evening together!

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