10 Very Useful Phrases with Avoir

Here is a list of 10 very useful everyday French phrases with Avoir (to have) . To be able to use them correctly, you must conjugate Avoir in the tense you want to use (present, past, future…).  Learn how to say to be hot, to be cold, to be lucky etc…


Avoir besoin de quelque chose, de quelqu'unTo need something, someone
Avoir chaudTo be hot
Avoir froidTo be cold
Avoir confiance en quelque chose, quelqu'unTo Trust something, someone
Avoir de la chanceTo be lucky
Avoir envie de quelque choseTo want something
Avoir faimTo be hungry
Avoir soifTo be thirsty
Avoir du tempsTo have time
Avoir beau (faire) ....Despite (doing) ...

Notice, some expressions use avoir “to have” where in English the translation uses “to be” or another verb. Pay attention to these 2 phrases below that could cause confusions if not used correctly.

Ex: J’ai chaud = I am hot

DO NOT translate  literally from english to french like “Je suis chaud” because it has a completely different meaning and would still mean that you are hot but …sexually! 

Ex: J’ai envie de toi= I want you (sexually )

       J’ai envie de te voir= I want to see you (no sexual connotation)

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