Why Intensive French Lessons Work

There is a certain je ne sais quoi about being able to speak French. As well as bringing you closer to French culture and broadening your communication skills, it is a savvy move. It is an essential if you plan to buy a property in France. French can also improve your job prospects, with more and more employers placing a value on candidates who can speak additional languages. But what’s the best way to learn French? There is a compelling argument for intensive lessons.

Considered the most effective way to learn a foreign language, intensive French lessons don’t give you a chance to forget what you have learned between sessions. They tend to concentrate on language use, which accelerates French conversation skills. Unlike traditional weekly lessons, intensive French courses build on what you know – quickly.

The Eureka Moment in Learning French

Acquiring a second language compels the brain to process information differently. You have to think French to be able to speak fluent French. Intensive lessons are credited with helping you achieve good thought processing skills fast. Considered the eureka moment in language learning, these skills help you think and speak French naturally. Once you have grasped them, there’s no holding you back.

Thinking in French can be hard if you are learning the language in short bursts that are spread out. In between learning, you will be juggling the demands of every day life. Try fitting in some French ‘thinking’ while balancing work and family life! Intensive French lessons retrain your internal linguistic system to get you speaking French fast.

Interaction and Intensive French Lessons

Interaction is one of the biggest factors impacting how quickly you can learn French. Intensive courses tend to make people feel more comfortable. That is because you build a rapport with your tutor more quickly. Listening to and talking French is the cornerstone of mastering the language, and intensive lessons support this.

Embarking on an intensive French course will ensure you have the time to learn the language without interruptions. Being able to make great progress in a short space of time boosts confidence and further speeds up the learning process.

Intensive Online French Lessons with Fast Track French

Fast Track French uses proven methods to teach people a new language quickly. It provides ‘on demand’ intensive tuition, delivered by native French speakers. With courses available online as well as in France, it builds competence levels with a focus on conversation and vocabulary.

It offers intensive French lessons that are not only more effective than traditional courses, they are more accessible. For those who want to learn to speak French really quickly, Fast Track French provides accelerated learning with a unique ‘full immersion’ course in France. The course includes 20 hours of intensive French lessons, as well as outings and food and entertainment themed events. There are many other fantastic intensive and authentic programmes to choose from and that will  help you learn French Faster.

Contact Françoise if you are interested in coming to France for our immersion programmes starting in 2020 !!

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