Text Messaging is like Speaking a Different Language…

You might have a good level of French but text messaging is a completely different language. Here is a short list of  French abbreviations that will help you communicate via text messages.

French AbbreviationFrench TranslationEnglish
A+A plusSee you later
A ttA tout ˆ l'heureSee you soon
CtC' éŽtaitIt was
MdrMort de rireDied from laughing = Lol
PtdrPéŽtŽé de rireBurst from laughing
Je cJe saisI know
JtmJe t'aimeI love you
stpS'il te plaîtPlease (using tu)
svpS'il vous plaîtPlease (using vous)
YaIl y aThere is, there are
TpsTempsTime, weather
bcpBeaucoupA lot

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