10 Funny Familiar Expressions …

Here is a list of 10 very funny  familiar expressions you must know if you learn French!


Familiar ExpressionLiteral TranslationActual Meaning
ǂa me gonfleI'm getting swollen by thisThis is annoying me
Va te faire cuire un oeufGo and cook yourself an eggLeave me alone
Tu me saoulesYou make me drunkYou are annoying me
J'ai la patateI have the potatoI feel good & have energy
Occupe toi de tes oignonsDeal with your own oignonsMind your own business
Je m'en fiche comme de ma première chemiseI don't care about it like I don't care about my very first shirtI really don't care
Je pète un plombI break a fuseI go crazy
Je suis fauchŽé(e) comme les blŽésI'm scythed like wheat fieldsI have no money / I'm broke
C'est comme si tu pissais dans un violonIt is as if you are pissing in a violinIt's useless
Il m'a engueuléŽ comme du poisson pourriHe yelled at me like I'm rotten fishHe shouted at me / He gave me a tongue-lashing

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