10 French Love Phrases…Bonne Saint Valentin!!

For “La Saint Valentin” I have gathered a short list of phrases related to love. So you will learn how to say that it was love at first sight, that you fall easily in love etc…


Avoir un coup de foudreTo fall in love at first sight
Avoir un Coeur d'artichaudTo fall in love easily
Avoir le bŽéguin pour quelqu'unTo have a crush on someone
être un don juanTo be a lover-boy
Jouer les romŽéosTo play bashful lovers
Conter FleuretteTo whisper sweet nothings in sb's ear
Avoir le coeur qui bat la chamadehave one's heart beat wildly/pounding
Vivre d'amour et d'eau fraӔcheTo live on love alone
Bržûler d'amourTo burn with love
Filer le parfait grand amourTo be completely in love



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