10 Casual French Phrases You MUST Know!

So here is a list of 10 casual French phrases you MUST know if you are learning French! We use all of them quite a lot in conversations so practice & use them as much as you can…C’est parti!


N'importe quoi!Whatever! Usually used when someone is exasperated about someone else's opinion = You're talking non sense
C'est naze!It's rubbish, stupid !
Oh laisse tomber!Oh forget it!
Allez!Oh c'mon!
‚Ça te va?Is it ok with you?
C'est bon, tu t'en sors?Doing ok there?
On se tient au courant!Let's keep each other posted/Let's keep in touch!
‚Ça y est!That's it, it's done!
Tu fais quoi?What are you doing?
BrefIn short, in brief

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