The Story Behind My eBook(s)…

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Two years ago, I decided to create an online course for beginners.

Many people joined this Free Online Course but except for a few, most people never completed it to the end. 

So I wanted to create another course a little bit more fun and easy to use but this time on video. Unfortunately, my technical abilities were too limited plus being a little bit self conscious, it was taking me at least 7 hours to record a 10 second video!

So I gave up …

One day, one of my very good friend came over to my house and said to me ” I really think you should start writing eBooks “.

Well, to tell you the truth, at first, I wasn’t very impressed with her suggestion but after careful consideration and much thought, I started to design a plan for my future ebook!


I had start with…”the start” and find a name for this new “baby”.

“Your first steps to French” came to life with 18 chapters!

But I’m only going to sell (for a very small price) one chapter at a time.

The first chapter called ” How to sound more like a native French speaker” is designed for people who want to learn and/or improve their pronunciation in French.

In this eBook, you will learn how to pronounce specific French sounds such as vowels, nasal vowels and also the lovely French “R”.

You will also learn about optional and compulsory “liaisons” and if you should or shouldn’t pronounce the last consonant in a word.

The good news is that you will get 2 eBooks – One with lessons and one with exercices. In the Exercice Ebook, you will be able to practice your pronunciation through various exercices on sounds and letters in French. All the exercises come with audio, so you can hear French spoken by a native French speaker!

So you are probably wondering when it will be out ?

Well, I expect to have my entire eBook finished by the end of April 2018 but the good news is that my first chapter “How to sound more like a native French speaker” is going to come out in February… I know, I wrote Christmas before but we were a bit too optimistic 😉 

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  1. Kelly

    Can’t wait!!!! February is a good month…the month of love…and we would all “LOVE” to sound more French!

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