How To Sound More like a Native French Speaker

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One of the most common frustrations my students have, is around pronunciation. And understandably so …

Pronunciation is one of the hardest things to master of the French language.

And with our nasal vowels, unstable ‘e’ and uncertainty around pronouncing the last consonant of a word or not, it’s no surprise.

Well hold on to your beret’s, because all of that is about to change…

How to Sound More Like a Native French Speaker is Module 1 from my new ebook series, Your First Steps to French, and focuses entirely on pronunciation.

Split into two mini-books…

  • Book 1: LessonsLivre de l’élève– includes 35 audio recordings
  • Book 2: ExercisesCahier d’exercices– broken down into 3 parts – Répétez / Lisez / Comprenez – includes 40 exercises and 40 audio recordings

There’s no short cut or magic formula… mastering the French pronunciation takes practice.

How to Sound More Like a French Speakerfocuses on repetition of sounds, in a fun engaging way.

I break down …

  • The Alphabet
  • Vowels
  • Nasal vowels
  • The French ‘R’
  • The Liaisons
  • The French ‘E’ (what we call the ‘unstable e’)
  • When to pronounce consonants at the end of a word

PLUS, you’ll get a bilingual dictionary covering all the words found in both books.

For beginners wanting to start out on the right path, or those wishing to perfect their intonation, How to Sound More Like a French Speaker from Your First Steps to French ebook series, is a must-have.

Visit  Our Ebooks  Page Today & Never Get Misunderstood Again!

I’ll get you you speaking like a native before long!*If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below

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