Quand même!

“Quand même” is one of the most common expressions used in French. It can be translated into many different words in English, depending on the context.

Literal translation: When even

Actual Meaning(s): Finally, eventually, still, anyway, honestly etc…

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  1. Finally

Imagine, you are waiting for a good friend at a café but he/she is very late. So when she/he arrives you could say first, in a joking tone


Ex: Ah, quand même!                 Ah, Finally!  ( Meaning: I thought you forgot about me!)


    2.  Honestly

….Or you could be annoyed and say 


Ex: Pffff, quand même!             Honestly! (Meaning: This is a bit too much now)


 3.  Still

You are talking to a friend about your experience in a foreign country as an au pair



Your friend: C’est super d’avoir eu le courage de partir travailler à l’étranger pendant un an

                           It’s great to have had the courage to work overseas for one year 

You: Oui c’était super mais tu sais, très difficile quand même !

           Yes it was great but you know, still very difficult


 4.  Anyway

In the exact same situation,  you could also reply…


You: Oui, j’avais peur mais je l’ai fait quand même 

          I was afraid, but I did it anyway. 



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