I Miss You…

Manquer is a very tricky verb to use mainly for English-speakers. “I miss you” is often translated literally into “je te manque” but it is not right. 

So, to say “I miss you” you should say “Tu me manques”


In French,  “to miss someone” is “manquer à quelqu’un” and needs indirect pronouns (me, te, lui, nous, vous, leur) to be used correctly.

But the tricky part is that you have to think the other way round!!

I miss you= You are missed by me= Tu manques à moi= Tu me manques (“à moi” has to be replaced by the indirect pronoun “me”)

Translate the following sentences into French & play the Audio to hear the answers

  1. I miss Sarah              Sarah is missed by me =
  2. She misses me          I am missed by her =
  3. He misses her
  4. We miss him
  5. They miss us


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