French Greetings

Here is a list of French greetings that are used very often in everyday interactions.

If you don’t know them already you should definitely take a bit of time to memorise them.

They’ll allow you to be polite and courteous with the French speaking people you meet, whether you’re talking to the person serving you in a restaurant, or you strike up a conversion with a passer-by.


Hello/ Good morning/good afternoonBonjour
Good byeAu revoir
Bye (informal)Salut
GoodnightBonne nuit
Have a good dayBonne journŽée
Have a good afternoonBon après-midi
Have a good eveningBonne soirŽée
How are you? (formal to 1 or more than 1 person)Comment allez-vous ?
How are you? (informal )Comment vas-tu? ‚Ça va?
I am fine, thank you, and you? (formal or to more than 1 person)Je vais bien merci et vous?
I am fine, thank you and you? (informal , to 1 person)Je vais bien merci et toi?
I am very well, thank youJe vais très bien merci
Not too badPas mal
Not very well
Pas très bien
See you soonA bientô™t
See you laterA plus tard
See you right awayA tout de suite
See you in a whileA tout àˆ l'heure
See you tomorrowA demain
See you next timeA la prochaine (fois)
See youA plus
Have fun (informal to 1 person)Amuse-toi bien
Have fun (formal Or to more than 1 person)Amusez-vous bien
Thank you (very much)Merci (beaucoup)
You are welcomeDe rien
Please (formal)S'il-vous plaӔt
Please (informal)S'il-te plaӔt

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