9 Ways to Start Speaking French with Confidence

Learning to speak French can be daunting, if you lack confidence. If you worry about sounding stupid or simply can’t fathom how to make conversation in a foreign language, read on.

There are many benefits to learning French. These top tips will help you overcome common barriers and ensure you are able to make the most of this fascinating language.

Being able to speak more than one dialect is good for you. Research suggests it improves the functionality of the brain. In the case of French, it will also expand your horizons. This intensely romantic and highly conversational language is officially used in no fewer than 29 countries.

Feeling overwhelmed or too shy to take the next step? Master French in no time at all by following these tips:

  • Practice at home

There’s nothing like the privacy – especially behind your own closed doors. Use any time to speak French when you are home alone. Everyone talks to themselves once in a while. The next time you want to say something out loud and nobody else is around, say it in French. Practice the language when you are doing housework, when you are thinking or even as you walk around the house. Simply say what you see! Make yourself use the language.

  • Listen to French

It’s very easy to access French conversation online. Find podcasts and audio stories on YouTube to listen to. This free resource offers limitless opportunities to improve your French. Repeat what you hear without the worry of someone correcting you. The key is to speak out loud and to practice your French – even if you only know a few words. Repetition will help your brain absorb a new language. First, you need to regularly practice French in a habit-forming way.

  • Practice with the Quizlet app

The Quizlet app is a fun way to build your confidence and learn French quickly. It uses a flash card system to make learning easy. Sign up here set the app to display the English side of the card first. When it comes up, speak the translation aloud (don’t mutter it under your breath – belt it out!).  This app comes highly recommended. It is very useful for learning words and verbs – not to mention lots of fun!

  • Get a language tutor

To make faster progress, hire a language tutor. If you don’t know where to find one, visit us @  Fast Track French. Having one-to-one support is often the quickest way to master a new language.

  • Learn the lyrics to a French song

Music, not money, makes the world go around. Often considered a universal language, songs with repetitive choruses can make learning French easy and fun. It may take a few weeks to learn the lyrics to a song, but it is one of the best things you can do to build your confidence. Singing in French will help you focus on pronouncing words clearly.

Allez, chantez!

  • Learn a useful phrase every day

This is the “phrasebook approach”, but it is extremely useful. By learning a new phrase every day, you will extend your French vocabulary which, in turn, will help you build up your conversational skills. Visit our channel on YouTube and find a new phrase to learn today.

  • Watch French videos

French films are internationally acclaimed. Why not enjoy a great movie and improve your French at the same time? Choose a film with French subtitles. Browse YouTube or Daily Motion for the latest releases as well as classics. Alternatively, visit

  • Have French radio on in the background

Even if you’re not consciously listening to the radio, your subconscious will be. It will remember phrases it hears, making it easier for you to speak French. This is a great way to passively improve your language skills and train your brain. Have the radio on while you do the housework or while you are travelling.

  • Sign up for intensive classes – in France

Intensive classes are the best way to boost your French and your confidence. By enrolling in a class that is actually in France you are sure to connect with native speakers.

Find out more about this intensive class in Biarritz. It is truly special because it really makes you interact with native speakers. By enrolling for this intensive course, you will spend 8 hours per day with native speakers – ONLY speaking French. With classes designed to suit individual ability levels, you will benefit from a truly tailored approach.

And above all

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes When Learning A New Language!

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