3 Ways of Saying “High” in French…

In this lesson, we are going to see 3 ways of saying “high” in French depending on the context. These 3 little words are all adjectives so they agree with the noun they describe. So if you want to talk about high prices, high buildings or even how high the music is,  you will have to use a different word each time.

1. Haut (e)

The feminine form of “haut” is “haute”. The pronunciation will then be different so listen to the Audio to hear the difference between the feminine & masculine forms.


It is used for:

• Heights
Ex: Mes talons sont trop hauts
        My heels are too high

2. Élevé (e) 

The feminine form of “élevé” is “élevée”; The pronunciation is exactly the same!


It is often used for:

• Prices
Ex: Les prix sont de plus en plus élevés en France.
        Prices are getting higher and higher in France.

• Quantity
Ex: Il y a un nombre élévé de chômeurs.
        There is a high number of unemployed people.

• Something advanced
Ex: Son niveau de français est assez élevé
        His Level of French is quite high.

3. Fort (e)

The feminine form of “fort” is “forte”. Listen to the Audio to hear the difference of pronunciation between the 2 forms.


It is usually used for:

• Music (loud)
Ex : La musique est trop forte! Baisse !
         Music is too high (loud) ! Turn it down!

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