25 Useful Random French Phrases To Help Beginners Keep a Conversation in French

This set of useful french phrases will help you understand some French words and ask for clarification in a conversation with native speakers. First, listen to the audio and repeat after me without looking at the sentences then listen a second time and read the sentences. Practice is the key to a better fluency …


I am learning French, but I am only a beginnerJ'apprends le français mais je ne suis qu'un dŽébutant.
I have been learning French for 2 weeks/2 months/2 yearsJ'apprends le français depuis deux semaines/deux mois/deux
What does that mean?Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire?
What is the French word for ...?Quel est le mot français pour ...?
I don't understandJe ne comprends pas
Do you understand?Tu comprends?
Can you please repeat? I did not understandPouvez-vous réŽpéŽter s'il- vous plaît ? Je n'ai pas compris.
Can you please speak slower?Pourriez-vous parler plus lentement s'il-vous plaît?
I am confusedJe suis perdu(e)
I don't know how to say it in FrenchJe ne sais pas comment le dire en français
I want to improve my FrenchJe veux améŽliorer mon français
What did you say?Qu'est-ce que tu as dit?
What's happening?Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?
Is this correct?Est-ce que c' est juste?
Is this wrong?Est-ce que c'est faux?
I agreeJe suis d'accord
I don't agreeJe ne suis pas d'accord
What's new?Quoi de neuf ?
Nothing muchPas grand chose
How much is this?Combien ça coûžte ?
I have to goJe dois y aller
I go (there)J'y vais
No problemCe n'est pas grave
Sorry? (If you don' t hear something)Pardon ?
Excuse me (to ask for something)Excusez-moi

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