10 Useful Phrases With Mettre

The French verb “mettre” literally means “to put” and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to spend money on or how to tone down and many more…


Mettre 5 heures àˆ faire quelque choseto take 5 hours to do something
Mettre à ˆjourto update
Mettre de l'argent dansto put money into
Mettre en colèreto make angry
Mettre la tableto set the table
Mettre le réŽveilto set the alarm
Mettre les pieds dans le platto mess up, put one's foot in one's mouth
Mettre quelque chose ˆà platto lay something down flat
Mettre sa langue dans sa pocheto stay quiet
Mettre de l'eau dans son vinto tone it down

But of course,  you need to know how to conjugate the verb “mettre” to correctly use the above phrases.

In the present tense


Je mets – I put/I’m putting

Tu mets – You put/You are putting

Il/elle/on met – He/she/One put(s)- is/are putting

Nous mettons – We put/We are putting

Vous mettez – You put/ You are putting

Ils/Elles mettent – They put / They are putting

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