Sarah B, UK

Learning French with Françoise has been fantastic. She is energetic, highly experienced, great fun and innovative. I can honestly say that I’ve learnt more French with her than I have by any other method.
After trying both group French classes and self-learning, both of which have their benefits, I discovered that one-to-one lessons are the faster way to learn the language. They mean I get 100% attention from a native French speaker. What better way to learn! Françoise focuses entirely on me and adapts her lesson to fit my exact needs. Whilst she loosely follows a form of curriculum (for my own benefit) she doesn’t stick to it rigidly. For example if I get stuck on something, she comes up with various fun exercises to help me nail it. And if I sail through another area, she congratulates me before moving quickly on to the next topic. Her goal is to get me speaking and understanding French as quickly as possible – another reason why one-to-one lessons are the best.
I’m now in a position where I can speak French to French people without feeling embarrassed or nervous. Of course I have a long way to go, but I can see amazing progress over the time Françoise has been teaching me, and I actually get excited about the next lesson.

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