Kelly K, Houston, Texas

I started “trying” to learn French about 3 and 1/2 years ago when my French husband and I started dating. He’s French and has two children (one of whom only speaks French). I had always been afraid of taking courses via Skype as I thought there might be a disconnect not being face to face in the same room. I finally decided to try it since it seemed easier with my work schedule and because I spent half my time in the US and half in France. I, fortunately, found Françoise and Fast Track French. I am beyond pleased with the progress I’ve made and my husband too! I love the format as we speak face to face real time but she can also type what we are saying so I can see the words as well as hear them. Since it’s on the computer it doesn’t matter where I am in the world. Françoise has made a huge difference for me as I now feel a part of the conversations when I’m in France. If you want to learn French, both proper and true conversational French, Françoise est la meilleure (the best)!

- French Intensive Course in Capbreton in May & June 2024 - 

These classes will take place in the charming setting of Capbreton and will accommodate only small groups (maximum of 8 participants)! 

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Merci :)

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