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Hello everyone and welcome to my eBook page “How to sound more like a native French Speaker”.


“How to sound more like a native French Speaker” is Module 1 from my new ebook series, “Your first Steps to French”, and focuses entirely on pronunciation!


2 eBooks that will help you to really learn how to pronounce French words with the help of audio tracks spoken by a native speaker.


You will distinctly hear how French words sound in native French which will effectively help you to quickly sound more French as well!


So here are the books…
Many sounds of French may be difficult for you because of various reasons :
  • Some tongue positions used in French may not be used in your native language
  • The position of your lips is probably different too in your mother tongue
So, in the Student book, I will explain how to put your lips and where to place your tongue properly to be able to pronounce French words correctly. It will actually be like going to the gym…
At first, it will probably be difficult but once you’ll get used to it and well trained, you will be able to sound more like a Native French Speaker !
I really want you to be aware of how this can influence your pronunciation and therefore improve it.
And this will also enable you to become more and more comfortable conversing with native French speakers.
Because everyone who learns a language wants to be able to understand and be understood by native speakers!


1. Student Book
This book is specially designed for students to learn and improve their pronunciation of French words.
You will learn the exact pronunciation of French vowels, nasal vowels and the French “R”.
Moreover, this book will help you to learn about the optional and compulsory “liaisons” and the proper pronunciations of the last consonants in the French words.
This book provides:
  • French letters (vowels & consonants) and their sounds
  • French words and how to pronounce
  • 7 topics
  • 35 Audio tracks by a native French speaker
  • Separately downloadable ZIP Audio files for separate items
  • Very useful  bilingual dictionary at the end


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2. Exercise Book
This book is specially designed to practice and improve your pronunciation of French words to perfection!
This exercise book will sharpen the use of different complex French pronunciations by repetitive practices.
Along with the Student book, thorough practices given in this book will help you to attain the ability to sound more your French!
This book provides:
  • Complex French words and how to pronounce
  • Strategically designed 40 effective exercises
  • 7 topics
  • 40 Audio tracks of native French pronunciations
  • Separately downloadable ZIP Audio files for separate items
  • Corrections of exercises along with bilingual dictionary at the end


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