Learn French With Us

It's Convenient

Learn online from anywhere with a decent internet connection. No need to travel…

It's Flexible

Learn in your own time when you are at your best for learning.

It's efficient

You will make progress faster! Private lessons and tailored to your individual needs are more intensive than on-site group lessons. Immersion is more intensive as lessons are conducted in French which creates an immersion environment.

It's authentic

Practicing with native French speakers will allow you to get used to listening to French as it is spoken by native speakers and to perfect your French accent and to pick up common phrases that are used in everyday speaking. We’ll teach you real French!

Learn from the best teachers

All our teachers are experienced, qualified (min. Master 1 of French as a foreign Language), motivating, encouraging to build your confidence and help you reach your personal goals.

It builds self-confidence

Practicing with us, native speakers will allow you to free yourself from worrying about making mistakes and quickly pinpoint the specific area you are struggling with so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve faster. This will build your confidence and allow you to feel more confident speaking with other native speakers.

It's recorded

The lessons are transcribed so you can always go through the whole lesson by yourself. Remember, repetition is the key and especially at a lower level!

It's green

because it eliminates the needs for travel and the paper trail often connected with traditional models.

It's cost effective

One to one tuition can be expensive but our Skype lessons are just 25 euros per hour. We also offer a discount if you buy lessons in bulk!

- French Intensive Course in Capbreton in May & June 2024 - 

These classes will take place in the charming setting of Capbreton and will accommodate only small groups (maximum of 8 participants)! 

Please click here  to indicate your interest in joining us on this French learning journey!

Merci :)

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