Immersive Stays in Provence!

Séjours immersifs en Provence chez Anouk…



Une destination idéale pour partir à la découverte de la France et des Français ! Une autre façon de voyager… Plongez au cœur de la Provence. Choisissez une ou plusieurs options : formule culturelle, séjour linguistique, parcours culinaire, option Zen… Vivez une expérience unique et inoubliable en Provence !

Immersive stays in Provence at Anouk’s… An ideal destination to discover France and the French! A different way to travel… Dive into the heart of Provence. Mix and match your options by choosing from a cultural formula, a language stay, a culinary track and/or a Zen option, and experience a unique & memorable journey in Provence!

With my French, Dutch and Spanish origins, I feel fulfilled when in contact with different cultures. I am firmly attached to the region of Provence where I grew up. I love organising stays, and my aim is to provide an individualised micro-tourism of quality, respecting nature, the area and its inhabitants. Culturally nourished by books, travels abroad and foreign languages, my wish is to build on these passions to create an environment for enriching and beautiful encounters.

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