S’asseoir- To sit down

I have decided to write about this “special” verb “s’asseoir” (to sit (oneself) down) because I have noticed that many people don’t know how use it properly. Indeed, “ s’asseoir ” is not one of the easiest verbs to learn, as it is irregular and reflexive too… And on top of that, It also has two complete sets of conjugations! But to make it easier for you to use, I’m only going to show you one set of conjugation which is the more common one.

  • In the present tense


Attention: The internal data of table “34” is corrupted!
  • In the passé composé 


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Notice that we use “être” in the passé composé because it’s a reflexive verb.

  • The most familiar use is of course in the imperative form!


Assieds-toi – sit down (tu form)

Asseyons-nous – let’s sit down

Asseyez-vous – sit down (vous form)

Note that in the negative form, you have to say:

Ne t’assieds pas!

Ne nous asseyons pas!

Ne vous asseyez pas !

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