L’apéro !

As a French person I must admit that “l’apéro” is a very important moment in a French person life especially during the sunny seasons! It is one of the many French traditions around food and just another opportunity to enjoy the French way of life. This word “apéritif” comes from the latin “apertivus”, derivated from “aperire” which means “to open” (Ouvrir). It “opens” a meal or it “opens” a friendly time you can have with friends, family around a glass of wine (but of course you can also have a non alcoholic drink) and some “tranches de saucisson”.  We love to have “l’apéro” outside when the sun is shining and if you are lucky enough to pass by a friend’s house, they will often say to you “Eh, tu restes pour l’apéro ?!” (Hey, you stay for the apéro)… Of course, you hardly refuse an invitation to an apéro as it is often an excuse to enjoy a full evening together!

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